Membership Committee

Is charged with recruitment, administration and orientation of prospective members of NJBIC and its Board of Directors. The Board’s Second Vice-Chairperson shall serve ex-officio as Chair of the Membership Committee. Annually at the July meeting, the Second Vice-Chairperson and/or Membership Committee shall report on members in good standing as specified in Article III, Section 3- Membership Duties and Responsibilities and certify eligible nominees for elective office.

Bylaws Committee

Is charged with the  structuring, periodic review and proposed revisions of these bylaws.

Program Committee

Coordinates programs and activities  that align with the goals and objectives of NJBIC, including providing assistance in planning, scheduling and promoting the ongoing work of NJBIC committees, caucuses and councils; assisting in planning the annual conference; collecting resolutions from organizations and government entities; compiling outcomes.  Each December, the Committee  develops an actionable, issue-based agenda to advance the progress of NJBIC’s mission.

Communications Committee

Facilitates the exchange of information among members and the dissemination of information to the general public. The Communications Committee also provides oversight and coordination of any information technology projects of NJBIC.

Finance Committee

Oversees of all financial activities of NJBIC, including recommendations to the NJBIC board regarding contracting, staffing, annual organization budgets and budgets for NJBIC programs.

Nominating Committee

Establishes procedures for and administers annual elections for nominees to the NJBIC Board of Directors, in compliance with applicable sections of these bylaws. Annually, at the October Membership Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall offer a report recommending nominees for all Board elected offices.

Civic Engagement Committee

Participates in political, policy advocacy and civic engagement activities, as well as collaborative and coalition-building activities with NJBIC member organizations and other groups that align with the goals and objectives of NJBIC. The committee shall engage in organizing, creating and directing processes for moving communities and government bodies towards structural and systemic changes that improve the lives of Black people in New Jersey.

Religious Affairs Committee

Conducts outreach to the Black faith community regarding the issues, events and policies supported by the NJBIC.